Writing guidelines

Watch your state

Beware of recalling memories that cause severe anxiety or pain from depression. If the association becomes overwhelming, dissociate from the event or stop writing entirely to avoid being consumed by that event.

How to dissociate

Look at the event as if it were a movie. Observe. Describe it from that point of view. Use language like your name, your pronoun and describe the feelings you see without feeling it - not how you were or are feeling in that moment. 

Dissociation isn't working

Move another step away. Watch the person watching the movie and describe that person's observations. Follow this technique until you are truly dissociated from the event. Go back to each version of yourself until you are back to your associated self gathering the insights and then write about it.


Choose a title for your story. Make it striking and enticing as you can and keep it relevant to the story.

Writing style

Keep it as short and sweet as possible. Keep it to the point. If you find you are writing about more than one thing, break it up into different stories.


Write about depression, mania, anxiety - anything that can share insights to someone with bipolar disorder.


Leave the reader with at least one positive takeaway - a silver lining, a tip, a life hack or a positive experience.


Avoid giving advice, rather share your experience and how it has worked for you.


Vulgar stories will not be published. This includes swearing, aggression, hate speech and condescending tones towards others.

Spelling and grammar

Check your story for spelling and grammar errors to the best of your abilities. I will make changes if the story is going to be published.


If you reference a book, give the title, author and page number if you can. If you are referencing a web page, provide the URL, title of the page and who wrote the content.


You as the author can choose to remain anonymous, write under a masked name like River or use your real name.

Making changes

Each story will get a reference number and is linked to your email address in a Google Spreadsheet so that you can update it whenever you want to. If you don't want to do this, let me know. You will not be allowed to make changes in that story later on.


Choose an image (1254px x 836px) for your post that you have rights to. If you can't find one then I can choose one for you using the GoDaddy stock images.


If you want to remain anonymous you can hide your gender - use gender neutral language or speak in first person, your name (see author) and your location - not mentioning landmarks, states, provinces or countries.