Types of episodes



These episodes are so much fun. It makes people very happy, feel creative, intelligent and productive. Unfortunately people can become obsessive, over-active, terribly irritable and actions can lead to regretful consequences. 

Dangerous risks can damage relationships, create unnecessary debt and have long-term consequences like becoming anti-social and pushing family and friends away; get a divorce for trivial reasons; moving house to try something new; buying properties; poor performance or actions that can lead to job loss; sleeping around and having unprotected sex; go on shopping sprees; start gambling; drink too much alcohol or take recreational drugs; and getting tattoos.

There is also a chance that people can lose touch with reality (psychosis). People can experience hallucinations, be delusional, talk in a way that others cannot understand and be agitated. They are not usually aware of this behaviour.



These episodes are also a lot of fun. The symptoms are very similar to mania, only less extreme and there is no psychosis. People don't often realise that something is wrong although people around them pick up on the changes in their behaviour. 

What makes this episode dreamy is that one can have high energy and confidence levels; be creative and have great and useful ideas; productivity is increased and they do not need a lot of sleep to function so they can do more of what they want to do in a day.

As exciting as it sounds, it is usually followed by a quick crash into a major depressive episode.

Major depression


People feel extreme sadness. Hopeless. Helpless. Worthless. There is little to no interest in doing even simple things. There is no joy in doing things that they love doing. No more socialising. Can't concentrate. Productivity becomes low or stops. Too much effort for self-care. Sleep patterns are on the extreme of sleeping too much or getting very little sleep. Difficulties getting out of bed. Either eating too much or too little. Don't want to exist. Think of or act on death.