How to manage your recovery

Your own pace

It takes time to recover and to get back into the swing of things. Move at your own pace so that you don't overwhelm yourself.

Have realistic expectations

Have realistic expectations of your recovery. Don't expect to heal immediately, understand that it is a challenging time for your loved ones, know that you may still feel symptoms of an episode such as anxiety.

Work together

Work together with your support structure during your recovery. Let them know that they can encourage you to do things with you instead of for you.

Be patient

Have patience with yourself while you build your self-confidence. Be patient with your loved ones as they acclimatise to the switch in your mood.

How to treat yourself and others

Ask your loved ones to treat you as they normally would. Special treatment, being overprotective or being pushed to hard can be condescending and put strain on your recovery.

Understand yourself

You are still going to experience moods. Learn the difference between good and manic/hypomanic days; and bad and major depressive days.