Privacy Policy

Last modified: 21 July 2019

I respect your privacy. When I use terms in this policy like "I", "me", "my", "author" or "the website", then I am referring to this website - - and my involvement with it. The website is an initiative started in South Africa and it is currently maintained and supported anonymously by myself, referred to as Alexyia. You can contact me using:

Accepting the policy and terms

You automatically accept the privacy policy and terms and conditions when you use this website. If you don't agree to them, let me know why and I can reconsider them, otherwise you don't have to use the website.

You may contact me online at or email me at

I encourage you to read the legal terms and conditions and the legal privacy policy.


I have created this platform to be as anonymous as possible due to the stigma of bipolar disorder. I do however plan on revealing my identity in the future. I do not expect that from the authors or readers of this website.

Personally Identifiable Information

  • You cannot register on this website so no user profile will be captured.

  • You can register on Disqus to comment on stories. People will see your comments and will be able to click through to your Disqus profile. You can delete your comments and you can make your profile private. You need to accept the privacy policy and terms and conditions on the Disqus website.

  • You can subscribe to newsletters or weekly stories. Emails are stored at GoDaddy and are not shared with anyone. Newsletters will be sent over a longer period of time, like once a month while stories will be sent weekly when stories are available.

  • When you want to publish your story, I will store your masked name, email address, story title and a reference number. I will use this information to allow you to make changes to your stories in the future. This is how I will verify you as the author. Let me know if you don't want me to do this.

  • You do not have to use a masked name for your story. It can be published as anonymous.

Sharing your story

Your story needs to meet the writing guidelines. You will need to send me the reference number and the email address the story was sent from to make changes to your story so that I know it is you. You may want to:

  • change the content: send me the story with the changes highlighted so that I can change it on the blog.

  • change the image: send me the new image (you need to have rights or we need to credit the image - if we are allowed to - on your story page).

  • delete a story: all comments will be deleted and links to that page will not work. 

By submitting your story, you agree to the Consent, License, and Release Agreement.

Sharing the website

Please share this website if you find the initiative useful. You can tell people, email people, share on social media platforms, show your medical practitioners and link it from your website. Suggested tags are #bipolar #BipolarDisorder #BipolarHealth #BipolarDisorderHealth

This website cannot control the information you share so share at your own discretion and create anonymous profiles if you want to hide your identity.


I am paying for hosting and email accounts. Donations will help keep the site alive. You can donate using PayPal. Let me know if you want to be featured on a special donations page.

Advertising and sponsoring

There are no adverts on the website. It's clean that way. If you want to contribute to this initiative then you can contact me to negotiate pricing. I can add your company, organisation or personal banner that meets the layout requirements. You can give a title, a description and a button, like the one below, linking to your web page.


I get information like your web browser, language preference, what site referred you to my site and a timestamp for your visit. This information is used to understand my visitors and how they use this website. This information can be used in public reports or trends. It is not linked to your personal information.


This website is hosted on the GoDaddy web hosting platform. This website is covered by their privacy policy and terms and conditions.


There are resources that I use on this website. This text will link you outside of this website. If you click on a link or button that does that, a new tab or window will be opened and that website will be displayed. That website could have its own terms and conditions and privacy policy that you need to accept in order to use it.


Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your computer. They are used to personalise and enhance your experience on websites. The only cookies used on this website are cookies from the GoDaddy generated website and Google Analytics.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

I can make changes to this policy whenever I need to. I encourage you to visit this page as often as you can to see if there have been changes. This policy will display when the policy was last updated so that you can get a quick idea if you have read through it or not. If you continue to use this website then you implicitly accept the this privacy policy and the terms and conditions.

Generated Privacy Policy

The privacy policy was generated by the Privacy Policy Template Generator which is free for basic templated policies. I have updated it to read in layman's terms.